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“Do nocounseling-header3t worry, my sweet one.  You have it within you to get yourself where you need to be.”  – Karen Salmansahn

The community at Healthy Start addresses your health holistically. We believe that the mind and body work together as one, and as such, we recognize the importance of ‘mental adjustments’ to experience complete wellness.

No matter who you are or what your life looks like today, you have your own unique blueprint. You’ve walked a road that only you know…and you have a story that is only yours.  We’ve all experienced ‘issues’—bumps…sometimes hills, and in certain cases mountains, that can often hinder our ability to live a healthy, joyful life.

Our Mental Health Therapist, Carli Israelson, MA, PLMHP addresses foundational pillars in your life including physical, social, psychological, and spiritual areas to help you explore the underlying contributors to your current struggles. Together, you will work to experience self-awareness, focusing on your individual strengths while taking a solutions based approach to achieve the freedom and wellness that exists within you.

We acknowledge that individuals hold different beliefs regarding spirituality and as such we are sensitive to your beliefs.  Our team’s Christian faith is at the core of our foundation regarding our approach to patient care. We pray for all of our patients, and upon your request or with your permission, Carli will pray with you 1:1 during your appointment.

Carli earned her Master of Arts in Counseling degree from Doane College with a field experience in Neuropsychology and Medical Rehabilitation Counseling and is licensed with the State of Nebraska (#10984) as a Provisionally Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (PLMHP). All of her cases are supervised by Vanessa Neuhaus, MS, LIMFT of New Life Psychotherapy  Healthy Start works with Vanessa collaboratively and based on our schedule and your needs, we will at times refer new patients to Vanessa as she continues to serve as our primary referral partner for counseling services outside of our practice.

Carli specializes in the following areas:

Women’s issues including:Healthy Start Headshots 2016-26

*Body image and eating disorders

*Career-life balance


*Postpartum depression/anxiety

*Grief and bereavement/miscarriage and infant loss

Counseling for both men and women including issues related to:

*Chronic illness

*Medical crisis and physical rehabilitation

*End of life



Carli will provide couples counseling on an as needed bases.

Healthy Start does not provide counseling for our pediatric patients or to minors.



Cost per 45-50 minute session is $60.00.

Cash, personal checks, credit or debit cards are accepted for payment at the time of your appointment. Monthly payment plans are considered on an as-needed basis.

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