A Challenge to LOVE

Posted August 6, 2016

I had the overwhelming urge to write today…this is what transposed:  equality-hands-love-peace-world-Favim.com-164142

I have a dream…I know its cliché but this needs to be heard loud and clear.

I have a dream of peace.  Peace from all of this chaos.

A nation where we are not run on corruption, where there is so much lack of trust on the individual and the government alike.

A government not funded by parties with ulterior motives.

A government who truly adheres to the belief that each individual has value, who makes choices based upon the outcome to the individual, and NOT for the greater good because the whole is truly a product of its individual pieces.

A government that adheres to its constitution and the freedoms of it’s people.

I dream of politicians who know how to love.

Politicians who look at every policy or piece of legislation and makes his or her decision based upon what is right.  They do this because they can really choose what it right because they don’t have their hands tied from corruption and money.

Politicians who seek the advice and ask the right questions.

I dream of a place where individuals maintain their rights.

Where we have freedom to determine what we do with our body, what we put on our body and what we put into our body.

I dream that we at least get the chance to know what is being put into our bodies and on our bodies.

The freedom to love to live.

I dream of a place where we make choices based on the effects it will have on our great grandchildren.

A place where we will have a world that our great grandchildren can love.

Where we are rooted with nature and with each other.

I dream of a return to love.


Our country is at a crossroads.  There is corruption on all levels that permeates even into our schools and children and its affecting every aspect of our lives.

I challenge our government to lead us on love and understanding.  We know when you are trying to put one past us.  The media cover-ups to keep us all distracted…..the hidden GMOs in our food….the chemical concoctions that we call “medicine”….the laws prohibiting buying local and raw to improve our health….the trolling websites and defamation of people who are trying to better the world and find the truth….industries ran on fear alone….the chem trails…..to name just a few.  People don’t trust.  Earn our trust back.  Do what’s right for us.

I challenge you, the politician, to educate yourself.  And don’t just seek information from people who come knocking.  Dig deep to find real answers to do what’s right for your state.  It’s your responsibility to do what’s best for the people, not for you.

I challenge you big pharma.  I don’t care that you are a profit powerhouse.  What I care about is your motives.  I challenge you to improve the health of the nation for the better.  An industry ran on fear tactics cannot thrive and in the end, will falter.  Show us that you’re not who we, the people, think you are.  Prove us wrong that you’re fingers aren’t permeating into the government and your methods aren’t being used as a means of population control.  Prove to us that you’re worth it.  I challenge you big pharma to be the leaders in this movement to love.  Save people’s lives, but don’t step into prevention because medicine can never be preventative in nature.  Allow other professionals to step in to improve people’s health and lifestyle.  And I especially challenge you to never force any procedure on anyone unknowing of the outcomes again….NEVER again.

As for the individual…we have the biggest challenge.  Research your life.  Don’t just be sheep and blindly follow.  Do what is truly best for yourselves and your society.  Give.  Love.  Teach your children to do the same.  Purchase with power…buy according to your beliefs, not according to price.  It is us, as individuals that need to hold ourselves, our politicians, and our government accountable.  Because if we don’t, who will?  Those with the biggest pocketbook certainly cannot and have proven that in their track record.

It is time to take the challenge.  Stand up for what’s right.

Its time to love to live again.  And to love to be a part of this country.

I challenge you….do what’s right.

I challenge you to love.

Dr Tiffany Leonida