Fertility Essentials

Fertility Essentials

We hold a strong belief that we shouldn’t be chasing symptoms when trying to solve your health problems.  It has been shown time and time again that by providing your body with the proper ingredients for health and correcting your subluxations, you will have the best possible health you could ever imagine and live to your peak potential.  The same holds true with fertility care.

Almost all fertility programs are designed to increase egg production in the woman.  They don’t look at the health and vitality of the egg, uterus, or even the sperm.  They are playing a numbers game.  We decided to look at fertility from a whole different paradigplantm and ask the question, “What are the foundational needs of healthy pregnancy?”.  The goal of our foundations for fertility program is that the couple looking to get pregnant has the essential foundations for fertility and pregnancy in place so that the odds of a viable pregnancy is substantially increased.  These are the four focus areas of this program.

Education  First of all, we educate couples on what a normal cycle looks like and make sure that all components of the woman’s cycle are running smoothly.  If necessary, herbal remedies and supplements will be recommended in order to normalize your cycle.

Removal of any interference to the reproductive functions  Second, we work with your spine to ensure that the function of your fertility is not being affected by vertebral subluxation of your spine.  When this exists, a miscommunication can occur in your nervous system, which can lead to the malfunction of reproductive processes.

Provide the essential nutritional ingredients  Third, we lay the foundations for a healthy pregnancy by providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs for optimal egg, uterine, and sperm health.

Elimination of external stressors  And finally, we address any stressors that could be affecting your fertility and reproduction.  This looks like 1 on 1 coaching as a couple with the Healthy Start team and our on-staff fertility mentors, allowing you to get to the roots of your stressors and dig through any physical, emotional or spiritual barriers that are limiting your best life expression.

This program can be used as an alternative to traditional medical treatment or also in conjunction with it.  It can be a 1st step in your journey or a last step.  It is not competitive, nor is it a “treatment for infertility”.  It simply provides the answers to the question, “Is the condition of my body suitable for achieving and nurturing a healthy pregnancy?”.

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