Myriel’s Birth Story- A Chiropractic Message

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Myriel’s Arrival!Leonida Family-47

In celebration of our daughter’s 3rd birthday coming up, I wanted to share a little about her birth story:

Myriel Eden was born on September 10th and came exactly the way that she was supposed to come….in the back of our brand new SUV!  Now, I know what most of you are thinking.  How could that possibly be the perfect entry into the world for a baby and a mother?  I’ll answer that in a minute, but first, let me start with our personal beliefs in birth.  

Chiropractors have the basic foundational belief that our bodies are designed in the image of God and made perfect.  We already have every drug or chemical we need, created naturally, at the exact moment we need it.  So as you can imagine, my husband, Dr Alex and I view childbirth in the same manner.  Women have been doing it for thousands of years without intervention, so why in the past century has our society decided that we need assistance?   A slippery slope of interventions, not only medically, but socially, has led to women doubting the very purpose our bodies were created for and even fearing childbirth. 

My job as a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor, and especially as a perinatal chiropractor, is to inspire women to regain this belief in their bodies’ ability to do the most amazing thing it was designed to do; to birth babies, and to empower them to have confidence not only in natural childbirth, but also in raising healthy, happy babies into contributing adults.  This is why the birth of my beautiful baby girl, Myriel was absolutely perfect.  Because I had consistent chiropractic care throughout my pregnancy, I had the confidence that my baby was in perfect alignment for birth. 

Babies that are perfectly aligned have shorter births and therefore, my labor in its entirety was 2.5 hours.  Labor began around 10am and she was born at 12:25pm on our way to the Bellevue birth center, called the Midwife’s Place; which supports natural childbirth.  Myriel was born very safely and peacefully into her daddy’s arms on Hwy 370 and 50 under the overpass in the company of our wonderful doulas, Julia and Becky and our birth photographer, Elayne.  We continued onto the birth center and were welcomed by a warm bath made by our wonderful midwives. 

Nothing could have been more perfect, especially for me and my husband.  Myriel didn’t mind it either.  She only woke up for a second right after the birth to look at us and let out a tiny cry and fell right back asleep.  Next time, I may not even make it into our vehicle.  =)   

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