Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Throughout the years, patients have consistently reported an improvement in the quality of their lives. People of all ages experience increased agility and flexibility, improvements in muscular strength and measurable changes in structural and postural alignment. The benefit to health and quality of life usually exceeds people’s expectations!

Children have noticeable improvement in common childhood syndromes. Brain injured children experience better quality of life expression and newborns have the opportunity to be helped with birth trauma and associated neurological problems. Cranial abnormalities in infants respond and reshape as a result of gentle, skilled chiropractic care.

Most people, from childhood through their teens and even into adulthood, have experienced falls, sports injuries, unnatural postures, poor health habits, car accidents, etc that lead to structural weaknesses that go undiagnosed. These are the precursors to some of the symptoms in adulthood. Dr. Alex and Dr. Tiffany focus on prevention and encourage regular spinal checkups to detect early warning signs.

Athletes utilize our service to “fine tune” their nervous system. This allows for improved performance in their sport.

Seniors experience an improvement in their ability to function in their everyday lives and report less medication use for pain and other ailments.