Wellness Workshops

Healthy Start Chiropractic & Wellness, PC is now offering Introductory and Advanced Wellness Workshops! These classes are free to all- practice members, their families, as well as non-practice members!

The Introductory Wellness Workshop will be held at 6:30pm every 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of the month. This workshop will be an introduction to the concept of wellness and living your life in the wellness paradigm. This is a must-see presentation for those of you wanting to make a change in your lives or for those wanting to learn more about health. (Introductory Wellness Workshops can also be scheduled on an individual basis)

The Advanced Wellness Workshops will be at 6:30pm every 4th Wednesday of the month. These workshops will be a workshop series, titled Living WELL: Your Journey to Health. Each of the Advanced Workshops will examine a different aspect of health and give instruction on how to make positive changes in these areas of your life.  You will be given step by step instructions on how to apply the most up to date lifestyle research available toward your daily life AND make it easy!

Living WELL: Your Journey to Health Workshop Series:

Workshop 1: Eating Well

Are you still eating your meals based on the food guide pyramid? New research shows that this may not be as healthy as originally thought. Come learn what your body requires at a cellular level for health and learn what you can do to to start making a change now! Be prepared to be blown away by what you learn!

Workshop 2: Moving Well

20-30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week? I don’t think so! Come learn what the most up-to-date research says about what your body requires at a genetic level for health.

Workshop 3: Thinking Well

Are you feeding your body well and exercising well without nourishing your soul? Come learn what a stressful lifestyle does to your body and what you can do to counter the effects of stress.

Check back for Workshop Schedule updates!