Chiropractic — Restoring Your Life Force!

Posted February 28, 2012

Restoring your Life Force through Chiropractic!

Tiffany Leonida, DC CACCP

treepic-300x225Every day at the office, I am amazed at the power of the human body and humbled by God’s ability to create such an amazing being!  To elaborate, chiropractic was founded on the principle that the power that made the body will heal the body as long as there aren’t any interferences.  The life force of our body travels from our brain down our spinal column and branches out to the billions of destinations in your body.  There is a constant communication between this life force in the form of nerve impulses that send information from your brain and spinal cord to your muscles, bones, heart, liver, stomach, eyes, ears and blood vessels.  This delicate communication system is how your body is able to continue working properly and if these messages are blocked or altered in anyway, the result is a state of dis-ease in your body, leading to malfunction, sickness, suffering, disease and continual decline.  The weight of a tiny dime on your nerve system results in more than 50% decrease in nerve impulse!  You can go for many weeks without food, a week or so without water, for a few minutes without air, but not even a second without the life force and information streaming across your nerves.  To be fully alive you need to be fully connected!

That is why I am humbled every day at the results that people get with chiropractic care.  Chiropractors are trained to specifically locate and treat subluxations of our spine which create this interference to our life force.  The healing someone receives from a series of chiropractic adjustments is phenomenal and unmatched!  Get yourself and your loved ones checked by a chiropractor for subluxations!  The results are limitless!

In the Raw,
Dr Tiffany